Because adults also need knitted slippers !! Free pattern inside

Adults knitted slippers – Suite à de nombreuses demandes de personnes anglophones, voici la version en anglais du tuto des chaussons pour adultes.

English version now available

Version française ici : tuto des chaussons

Because adults also need slippers !!

These are the perfect slippers to cosy up with a good book or watching a movie. On that note, Barbara from « She Knits and More » blog calls them « Chillaxing slippers ». I really like this nickname.

In my family, each of us owns their own pair.

adults knitted slippers

Here is a new pair for me:

adults knitted slippers

For these slippers, you would need 2 balls of Cho’7 yarn from Bergère de France (65% combed wool, 35% chlorofiber), for a total of 250m.

If you are lucky enough to find some yarn containing chlorofiber, just grab it, because it is discontinued ! Chlorofiber offers a very good thermal insulation.

I found a few balls remaining at one of my yarn suppliers. They were in a huge trunk together with loads of yarn, but even then, she was able to spot them right away. YEAH !! and a huge THANK YOU !!

pelotes de fil à chaussettes

I keep these carefully in my stash. They are my very last ones.

Tutorial to knit slippers


  • 2 balls of 150 m each (150 m for 50g) : knitted in double.
  • Needle US 9 or 10 for shoe size of 7 to 9 (woman)

If you need a smaller size (5 or 6): use needle US 8. If you need a bigger size: see a little further down below.

We can see that they stayed in the trunk for a long time 😉

adults knitted slippers


Small tip to choose the yarn : the more polyamide your yarn contains, the longer your slippers will last.

How to build your slippers

Each slipper consists of 3 sections :

  • garter stitches for the sole of the slipper,
  • stockinette stitches for the top of the slippers,
  • and ribbing for the ankle.

If you run out of yarn, you can knit the ribbing in a different color.

If you want to know whether you have enough yarn left, weigh all remaining yarn when you reach the ribbing section and check if you have at least half the starting weight left.

REMINDER : knit your slippers with double yarn, one thread from each ball.

SECTION 1 : Garter Stitches

Cast on 76 sts.

montage des mailles

Knit 5 cm of garter sts,

If you need a bigger size slipper: cast on 82 sts and start decreasing with 35 sts up to 17.

SECTION 2 : Stockinette Stitches

Knit as follows:

  • K32, then K2tog 6 times, K32, next row Purl all.
  • K29, then K2tog 6 times, K29, next row Purl all.
  • K26, then K2tog 6 times, K26, next row Purl all.
  • K23, then K2tog 6 times, K23, next row Purl all.
  • K20, then K2tog 6 times, K20, next row Purl all.
  • K17, then K2tog 6 times, K17, next row Purl all.
  • K14, then K2tog 6 times, K14, next row Purl all.

SECTION 3 : Ribbing

K1, P1 ribbing rows for 5 cm.

robe et chaussons assortis


Bind off all sts and leave enough yarn to sew the sole.

It should look like this before sewing :

Knitted slippers for adults.

Fold your slipper in two :

How to knit adults slippers ? easy tutorial to knit adults slippers

Repeat with the 2nd slipper.

How to knit adults slippers ? easy tutorial to knit adults slippers

Here you go, your feet are now warm and cosy !

How to knit adults slippers ? easy tutorial to knit adults slippers

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  1. Thank you for sharing this pattern. I am new to knitting but l think l maybe able to knit these..Wish me luck Lol

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